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Carbide wide range and combination of properties makes Cemented Carbide a versatile engineering material. It has been used for many years for making tools and is now gaining ground as a general engineering material. But many of the potential uses of Cemented Carbide are as yet unexploited, perhapes because many of its unique properties are not widely known.Wide scope exists for varing the properties of Cemented Carbide. Certain grades of Cemented Carbide are nearly as hard as diamond. Others are soft enough to be machined with cutting tools. And we are leading manufacturers of Carbide balls in India.

Tungsten Carbide materials have a unique combination of properties, high compressive strength, hardness and resistance to wear, as well as an ability to withstand shock and impact. Typical applications are valves, flow meters, ball screws and linear bearings. Balls from this material are also used for ballizing, gauging and ball pens.
Conventional Tungsten Carbides (with Cobalt binder) has limited corrosion resistance, which makes them unsuitable for applications in which the wear parts are operating under both severe abrasive and corrosive conditions. As a general rule straight Tungsten Carbide (with Cobalt Binder) is resistant to corrosion down to pH 7. By comparison, tests have shown that our Tungsten Carbide (with Nickel binder) material is resistant to corrosion down to pH 2 or 3.
Chemical Composition:
Cobalt Binder
Nickel-Based Binder
Tungsten Carbide
Tungsten Carbide
Cobalt Binder
Nickel-Based Binder
90.5 - 91.5 Hra
88-89 Hra
Mechanical Properties:
Cobalt Binder
Nickel-Based Binder
14.947 - 15.0% g/cm3
14.968 g/cm3
Transverse Rupture Strength @ 20oC
2600 N/mm2
2600 MN/mm2
Compressive Strength @ 20oC
6200 N/mm2
6870 MN/mm2
Size Range:
From 0.8 mm to 50 mm in Grade-16 & above.
carbide balls

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